[Interview] 2PM Spills on Releasing Non-JYP Title Song, New Goals and More 

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Breaking its gap period of one year and four months, 2PM finally made comeback with the 4th full length album. The title song Go Crazy! is a song written and composed by 2PM’s Jun.K, and it is also 2PM’s first title song not written by Park Jin Young.

The new album contains many tracks participated by the 2PM members.

Apart from 2 songs written by Jun.K, Taecyeon participated in rap making for the entire album, and Chansung also participated in writing some of the songs. In a recent interview with Newsen, 2PM expressed its thoughts on making a comeback in one year and four months.


“We were finally able to show our own color, free from Park Jin Young. For the first time since I started studying music, I’m honored to have written a title song for 2PM. We’re trying to show funny and comical sides of us through Go Crazy! I hope that all people who watch our music video feel like going crazy with us. We chose the title song around the lunar new year and Park Jin Young, Taecyeon and I all came up with our own songs. We monitored each of our songs with the company members and Go Crazy! was selected because it received a good response. It was as if my dreams came true so I cried a lot as I talked to my mom on the phone. Because it is really hard to make a title song for 2PM, not for my solo activities.” (Jun.K)

“It was only natural for us to start writing and producing our songs. After we released Grown last year, the idea of producing our own album spread among the members. If we sing Park Jin Young’s song, we have to follow his guide but it was different this time. We got the opportunity to be free from his guide and show our own color. Of course, the base singing method follows JYP style but we’re definitely making our own color.” (Taecyeon)

“This is an important opportunity for 2PM. Park Jin Young tried to give us a lot of opportunities too. We started pitching in our ideas for concept or costumes starting with Comeback When You Hear This Song. Sunmi or Ye Eun also add their own colors to their albums. This album will become the opportunity for 2PM to make a new color.” (Wooyoung)


2PM expressed its desire to take a step closer to the public though this album. Leaving aside the ‘beast-dol’ or acrobatic image, the members want to show their natural sides by freely enjoying the stage. They showed themselves drinking and partying, which is unusual for idol groups, to add fresh charms to the album. It is also a change brought on by entering its 7th year since the group′s debut.

“We debuted as idols, so we’re still idols. But I think the meaning or image of idols have changed recently. They no longer just show pretty sides or target only teenage audience. But I didn’t think that our song would be disqualified by broadcast standards. It was because of the word ‘let’s go for the second round, son’ and I still can’t understand. It didn’t have any other meaning.” (Jun.K)


“Actually, we’re the people who have been saying things like ‘her lips taste delicious’ since the beginning of our debut. (laughter) Our beginning was not like other idols so I don’t think the fans or the public will be shocked to find out that our song is about drinking.” (Taecyeon)

“As we’re entering our 7th year, the way we understand and think about things have changed. Even if our song is not received well, we can now think ‘We just learned another lesson.’ We probably couldn’t think like this in the beginning.” (Chansung)

“Our company doesn’t have a tough style. It’s a beautiful company that allows us to think on our own and respects each one of our thoughts. When we started openly expressing our thoughts, the company started to change little by little. Things have been changing like that. We would also like to leave a better picture for our hubaes.” (Taecyeon)


Although Comeback When You Hear This Song and A.D.T.O.Y. didn’t get as popular as they had hoped, the members claimed that they were able to grow through this.

“As using Jun.K’s song as the title in itself is a challenge, I hope that we can enjoy the challenge. We don’t want to hear people say, ‘2PM is the same as before.’ We would like to hear, ‘2PM has grown. They can do something like this too.’ I hope that everyone starts moving up and down when we perform.” (Chansung)

“We always think about how we can interact with the audience on stage. We want to become clowns who can entertain and energize people, rather than show strong and arrogant sides. Park Jin Young told us, ‘You have to show your sincerity in every single content in the lyrics.’ It means not a single word should be wasted. We would also like to write songs with sincerity and comfort the audience through the songs.” (Wooyoung)

“Our goal? Of course, we would like to win first place. But more than that, I hope that people can enjoy and have fun through our promotions. We will entertain people’s eyes and ears through this song. Please watch he members’ faces closely. We really let go of everything.” (Jun.K)


[Article] Billboard | September 18, 2014 9:44 PM EDT

The established boy band return with a multifaceted, super-strong set of throwback-inspired R&B-pop jams

Last year, 2PM broke a two-year hiatus from the Korean scene with the mature Grown album. The record mixed the act’s classic R&B style with different genres like pop, dance and electronic. 16 months later, the guys are back with Go Crazy!, another full-length that shows them sticking to their R&B roots, but adding funky, unexpected new twists.

The title track opens the LP with a bouncy, high-octane EDM sound established from the start. But once the melody kicks in, a disco motif is added with a walking bass line, dramatic synth-strings and peppy guitar strumming added to the production. Neither an homage to the funk era nor a EDM banger, “Go Crazy!” compellingly straddles the line between the two, making for an all-the-more impressive single.

2PM “미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)” M/V

The “Go Crazy!” video shows the guys doing just that, from performing choreography that looks like the guys are riding motorcycles in a neon video set to doing a conga line in a billiards hall. 2PM’s last videos, 2013’s Comeback When You Hear This Song" and "A.D.T.O.Y.,” were much darker with the former visual focused around the seven deadly sins. After trying out such a heavy theme, it’s fun to see the boys let loose on camera with the last 20 seconds dedicated to the guys goofing off. In fact, the band even recorded a "party" version of their new video. Smart stuff.

More cuts on Go Crazy! also follow the theme of the title track’s throwback-tinged sound.

"Mine" is the smooth, relaxed counterpart to "Go Crazy!" with its slinky synth-strings and falsetto-driven chorus, sounding more in the vein of recent Pharrell productions. The guys are still having a good time (at one point promising, “We’re going to drink crazy all night, everything’s going to be all right”), but the slick knob twiddling and their confident delivery make it the more subtle, mature approach to going wild.

The guys get their jazzy side on with “She’s Ma Girl,” which opens with a sax solo and features a brassy theme throughout, and the snappy, piano-centered ”Boyfriend.” Meanwhile, “Like Tonight,” “Awesome!” and “Goodbye Trip” all have a distinct ’80s power-pop sound with heavy synthesizers made modern with bleeps, bloops and other EDM embellishments. 

That’s not to say 2PM aren’t winning on their modern-day productions either. “Pull&Pull” is a forward-thinking R&B track oozing with gooey harmonies. Meanwhile, the guys’ sound right at home on the Korean remakes of EDM-centered Japanese singles “Beautiful” and “I’m Your Man” (below).

Billboard last identified 2PM’s Grown album as being filled with “strong, but somewhat safe” material. On Go Crazy!, 2PM finds the perfect recipe for growth by stirring in unexpected sounds without straying too far from their R&B-pop roots.

2PM “미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)” & “I’m your man (Kor ver.)” Comeback Stage @ KBS Music Bank 2014.09.12 


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[Trans]2PM 4th Album '미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)' 

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